Unique gifts for the surgeon in your life

December 01, 2016

Unique gifts for the surgeon in your life

Vintage anatomy cufflinks - £9.99

On those rare occasions when you don’t need to be ‘bare below the elbows’, accessorise in style.

Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End - £6.99


In this book, Atul Gawande discusses ageing and dying. Not very jolly material for the holidays, I hear you say. Wrong - at its core is an eye-opening kindness and pragmatism. Compulsory reading for any surgeon.

For the neurosurgeon in your life…  Dr Strange (DVD) - £9.99

    Neurosurgeon? Marvel fan? A bit too big for your boots? Considering a career change? Get the latest reboot of the Marvel classic. Dr Strange, acclaimed but (very) haughty neurosurgeon, loses the use of his hands in a car crash. His world falls apart until (as is common) he’s trained by an ancient sorcerer and starts deploying his powers in the astral plane. Cue some Escher-esque CGI and fun.

    Pamper yourself at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland  - From €40

      All those night shifts and on-calls taking their toll? Get pampered. Get massaged. If you can't make it to the Blue Lagoon, then find a spa near you.

      Abstract anatomy prints - from $25.00

        Like anatomy? Like art? Need some help with the MRCS? Combine the two with these abstract anatomical prints. 

        For the orthopaedic surgeon in your life ... (T-shirts £15.50)

          I found this humerus. 

          Leather satchel ($478.00) or handbag (£358.00)


            Arrive at the hospital in style. 

            A Contigo travel mug for the caffeine addict - £21.99

            Keeps your coffee hot for all the hours that you're on-call.

            A butchery course - £155

            Surgeons need to eat. Surgeons like cutting. Combine (unless you’re a vegetarian). For vegetarian cooking courses, click here.

            eoSim SurgTrac Simulator - from £415

            They say: don’t take your work home with you. They’re wrong. The eoSim SurgTrac take-home laparoscopic trainer will allow you to arrive at work and dazzle. Learn and hone your surgical skills with the help of a surgeon-designed lap trainer, unique instrument tracking platform and an online curriculum. Do something useful this Boxing Day.