eoMicro microsurgical simulator
Using an eoMicro microsurgery simulator
Microsurgery suturing
Using eoMicro with a HD screen


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eoMicro: take home microsurgical simulator
Use eoMicro with your smartphone to create a micro-operating arena. The portable flat-pack Perspex design allows you to perform surgical tasks anywhere, under magnification, to hone your macro and microsurgical skills. 
  • eoMicro platform 
  • Suturing base plate and suture pad
  • A set of the standard (macro) instruments – needle holder, forceps, scissors
  • One micro forceps 
  • One micro needle holder
  •  Sutures x 8
Ideal for trainees of all specialties - especially those in plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and ENT
Use your smartphone to record and upload your performance for trainer feedback / validation.
Connect to an external screen via a digital or analogue AV adapter (not included).
Adaptable for your requirements. For example, practise vessel anastomosis or dural closure.
Click here to download assembly instructions.
*Smartphone not included. Works with all smartphones but image quality is contingent upon specification of phone’s camera.