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Integrated skills training: for surgeons, by surgeons.


 Curriculum of skills

Instrument tracking software

Objective performance feedback

Metrics synced to SurgTrac cloud portfolio


Designed to mirror Kolb's experiential learning cycle: 


18 modules with learning objectives and outcomes, organised into 3 tiers of course of increasing difficulty that will challenge even experienced surgeons: Core, Advanced & Elite
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Instrument tracking software produces objective performance metrics. SurgTrac then generates natural language feedback to help you understand these metrics and highlight areas for improvement.

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SurgTrac automatically syncs all performances and metrics to your personal online SurgTrac portfolio. This allows you to build up a record of practise and demonstrate your skills progression. Certificates are issued on completion of each course. These certificates are now being used around the world for continuing professional development (CPD), annual review and revalidation.


Compete with the global surgical community. This opt-in feature allows you to compete with your peers via our global online leaderboard TopScalpel.


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