Training Institutions

Click on the images below to explore how Training Institutions around the world are using eoSim, InsTrac and the Laparoscopic Skills Curriculum to provide take-home minimally invasive surgical training.


The Scottish Surgical Simulation Collaborative issued all new-start surgical trainees in Scotland with an eoSim and access to the Laparoscopic Skills Curriculum as part of the Incentivised Laparoscopy Practice Study (ILPS). 


eoSim and the Lap Skills Curriculum is used in the University of Adelaide Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MMinInvS) higher degree course.


All new-start surgical trainees across the whole of Ireland are issued an eoSim, InsTrac performance assessment software and access to the Laparoscopic Skills Curriculum.



Completion of the Laparoscopic Skills Curriculum (Core) was a compulsory component of CT1 ARCPs in the Wessex Deanery in 2015. This is to be repeated for CT1s in 2016, while CT2s will undertake the Laparoscopic Skills Curriculum (Advanced) modules.



eoSurgical work closely with the University of Edinburgh Research and Innovation department to democratise access to surgical training worldwide.