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eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN
eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN

eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN

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The new eoSim SurgTrac OBGYN has been designed to deliver an immersive skills development package for OBGYN clinicians. Develop and refine advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques with our specially curated OBGYN curriculum of training modules. 

Undertaken in the order below they form a step-wise structured OBGYN lap skills training course. They take the user along a training journey, starting by refining core laparoscopic skills and finishing with advanced OBGYN-specific tasks.

  1. Peg Thread - core skills: fine instrument control, depth perception, economy of movement
  2. Precision Cutting - core skills: careful tissue handling and precise cutting
  3. Tube ligation - OBGYN skills: fallopian tube ligation
  4. Cyst Dissection - OBGYN skills: ovarian cyst dissection
  5. Suture & Tie - advanced skills: learn sound suturing technique
  6. Horizontal Suture - advanced OBGYN skills: replicating closure of the vaginal vault in a total abdominal hysterectomy

Also includes access to the SurgTrac Elite, Advanced and Core skills courses.

Includes everything you need to take your skills to the highest level:

  • eoSim + instruments and kits
  • 1x SurgTrac 2 year user license

Fully mobile device compatible: don't be chained to a desktop or laptop. SurgTrac curriculum and instrument tracking app is now fully compatible with iOS and Android, as well as Mac & PC.

Review the growing evidence base here.

SurgTrac user license:

  • Follow your skills progression via your personal online profile
  • See the fastest times for each module via the Top Scalpel leaderboard
  • The software can be used on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • Follow your skills progression via your personal online profile
  • At the end of the 2 years there will be an annual subscription to help us maintain SurgTrac at the forefront of surgical education and training technology (currently £49 per year)


  • 5 laparoscopic instruments: a needle holder, ratcheted grasper, non-ratcheted grasper, scissors, & knot pusher (to make reusable endoloops)
  • 3 practice models and all required disposables, including a box of sutures: Peg-board (with thread), three-clip board (with suture pad) & four-clip board
  • High Definition 1080p USB plug-and-play webcam built in
  • LED light strip built in to provide optimal illumination
  • No assembly required


Watch the demo video here:

Quick view sections in video:

0:00 Introduction: Evidence-based and surgeon-led
1:38 Accessible: Optimised for mobile devices
3:22 Rehearsal: Set-up and start training
5:37 Feedback: Natural language and metrics
8:31 Assessor Dashboard: remote assessment & feedback
9:43 Summary: World’s best training package


Technical requirements:

  • Operating system: Mac OS 10.10 & Windows 7 onwards

  • Optimal Mac/PC hardware spec: Intel Core i5 processor & 4GB RAM

  • Architecture: 64bit only
  • Apple: iPhone 6 or newer & iPad Air 2 or newer (does not work on first generation iPad Mini): iOS 12 or higher
  • Android: Samsung S6 (or equivalent) or newer
  • Note: not all Android devices allow video-out feed via the USB-C port (eg to connect to an external monitor): please check this feature on your device


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