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Enhance your surgical skills anytime in a gesture-interface environment.


pre<optimise is a computer-based gesture-interface platform designed to enhance specific psychomotor skills relevant to surgery.

All you need is a webcam-enabled computer and your hands. Two handheld fiducials* are provided when you download the software.

* in imaging technology, a fiducial is an object used as a point of reference in the field of view.


Watch the demo video here. 

Read evidence for the value of pre operative warm-up here and here.


OS Compatibility

PC version runs on XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Mac version runs on OS 10.6 and above


Tissue tension

This task promotes improvements in bimanual fine motor skills.

The user manipulates an abstract tissue plain whilst simultaneously identifying and moving a second object into position.


This task promotes development of ambidexterity, as the user’s gestures dictate movements of an onscreen avatar.

Six levels of progressive difficulty demand both fine motor skills and economy of movement.


Why use pre<optimise

eoSurgical is committed to exploring novel and exciting simulation environments.

Whenever you’re at your computer, you now have the chance to improve important psychomotor skills in a gesture-interface arena.

No need for any bulky hardware whatsoever.

Who can use pre<optimise

Students & Junior trainees:

pre<optimise empowers you to enhance your baseline motor skills and also serves as a warm-up routine prior to use of other simulator platforms.

For further information email 

*Your hand-held fiducials well be posted to you after purchase and download of software (single-user license).