eoSim SurgTrac simulators use our innovative instrument tracking technology to give real-time objective performance feedback.

The fully integrated simulation package for lifelong learning: 

eoSim: the original take-home laparoscopic simulator


SurgTrac: curriculum of skills, performance feedback and online portfolio

Includes everything you need to get started: instruments, models and disposables.
Compatible with Mac, PC, SurfacePro, tablet & smartphone.


SurgTrac™ - the future of surgical skills training: 


Track your instruments. Track your performances. Track your skills progression.


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Is 10,000 hours of practice still the magic number?

September 30, 2016

In his book “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell first popularised the '10,000-hour rule.’ Broadly speaking, this rule states that if you want to become world-class in any field, you need to spend 10,000 hours practising. This ‘rule’ has informed the design of education and aspiration to excellence, including in surgical training. But is it still valid? A recent study from the University of Princeton suggests it may be time for a rethink.   The 10,000-hour principle originated from a 1993 study on a group of violin students at a music academy in Germany. However, Gladwell’s interpretation of this study into a 10,000 hours rule has been interpreted as ‘arbitrary’ by even some of the original authors. 10,000 hours was in fact only the average amount of time the violinists...

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