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eoSim & Mobile Devices


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4 ways to use eoSim with mobile devices

1) Smartphone:

Place smartphone on the lid of eoSim with the camera pointing through the circular opening. Open SurgTrac app and use the phone screen to visualise the task. Perfect for when you have just 5 minutes to practise or warm-up pre-op.

2) Tablet:

Place a tablet on the eoSim lid with the camera pointing through the central opening. The cameras and screens on modern tablets provide great optics, far superior to separate webcams plugged into a laptop / desktop. This is now the most popular way to use eoSim & SurgTrac for both individuals and institutions. 

3) Smartphone or Tablet with external screen:

As above, then plug your device into a larger screen. You’ll need a lightening (Apple) or USB (android) to HDMI adapter and cable, which we can supply if needed. Plugging into a sceen which is away from the eoSim makes for a more theatre-realistic set-up. Great for longer rehearsal sessions both at home and work. 

4) Wireless screen-cast:

Place your device on the eoSim lid as above, and screen-mirror / screen cast wirelessly to an Apple TV or Chromecast receiver. The showboating option...