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Lifelong Learning with SurgTrac

SurgTrac revolutionises skills training as it now brings lifelong learning to simulation. SurgTrac uses innovative image analysis to track the movement of the instruments, providing metrics such as path distance, handedness, motion smoothness and economy of movement.

Whereas other take-home simulators only allow basic skills practice, SurgTrac offers you training, assessment and support from the beginning of your surgical career and through the duration of your consultancy. Our six Elite modules are for consultants and senior trainees, where you can perfect your laparoscopic suturing skills. For speciality trainees we have six Advanced modules, which further improve your instrument skills and give you greater precision and control. Our six Core modules are designed for core trainees and introduce key psychomotor skills, so you can become proficient in using the instruments to manipulate objects in a confined space.
SurgTrac tracks your performance, building a detailed history of your skills progression, via your online portfolio. After you complete each task, you are given instant feedback via objective performance metrics, which are automatically synchronised to your online portfolio. SurgTrac can be used for revalidation of consultants, and for proof of skills retention. Feedback and Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATS) scores from your faculty are also saved whenever you are assessed, so you can review skills progression by individual modules and throughout your career. 
SurgTrac has been developed in close collaboration with the RCSI, multiple UK training deaneries, and trainees themselves to provide the best possible learning experience. With SurgTrac we look forward to helping you develop your skills, all the way to the top.
Remember: SurgTrac is not just for 2016, it’s for your career!

Team eoSurgical