eoSim & SurgTrac: evidence-based Surgery & OBGYN training with AR instrument tracking: desktop & mobile

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Experience the full power of SurgTrac, the world's first augmented reality instrument tracking software: Now on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

SurgTrac works in eoSim and other minimally invasive surgical simulators. If you already have a non-eoSim simulator and are interested in SurgTrac get in touch or subscribe to a plan below.

Case Studies

Surgical Registrars

You are a surgical registrar / resident who is aiming to improve your laparoscopic skills, accelerate your training, and optimise opportunities in the OR

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Simulation Centres

You are charged with delivery of surgical simulation training to a group of surgical trainees

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Medical Student

You are a medical student or surgical trainee wishing to improve basic surgical skills and/or microsurgical techniques

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Institutional Package

Institutional purchasers benefit from our bespoke subscription service maximising flexibility in user numbers, a dedicated institutional group dashboard for assessor overview of performance, and more!

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eoSurgical is a very exciting company, and the University are very proud of their achievements. Their innovative products to help surgeons develop operative skills hold great potential to make surgery safer throughout the world

Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea Principal & Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh

eoSurgical: The Safer Surgery Community

We are an innovative company specialising in surgical education and technology. Created by surgeons, for surgeons, we are driven by a desire to improve surgical skills training globally. Our unique, world-leading simulation software – SurgTrac – is used in over 80 countries around the world, complemented by our very own portable ‘take-home’ simulation hardware.

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SurgTrac is now FLS compatible

World-leading tracking software meets well established web-based education in minimally invasive surgery

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How it started & how it’s going. Ten years of eoSurgical

How it started & how it’s going. Ten years of eoSurgical

eoSurgical has been in existence for ten years. Founded by surgical trainees, the company has evolved in parallel with its founders, all now consul...
New modules for obstetrics & gynaecology come to SurgTrac

New modules for obstetrics & gynaecology come to SurgTrac

  Minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures are an expanding component of OBGYN practise. We have now put together a bespoke package specifically...
Just started core training or a run-through/residency post?

Just started core training or a run-through/residency post?

  This time of the year marks the regular rotation of postgraduate trainees in the UK. Many groups have been in the previous post for longer than ...


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