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eoSim & SurgTrac. The complete MIS training package. Gone mobile

eoSim: take-home laparoscopic simulator.

SurgTrac: training curriculum, AR instrument tracking, performance feedback and online portfolio app.

Optimised for mobile devices: making training accessible to all. 

Used in over 80 countries. Validated by 28 peer-reviewed studies.

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Institutional Package

Institutional purchasers benefit from our bespoke subscription service maximising flexibility in user numbers, a dedicated institutional group dashboard for assessor overview of performance, and more!

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The future is mobile

The camera on your smartphone or tablet is now much better than any webcam. And you always have it with you. So we've optimised eoSim & SurgTrac to work with iOS and Android. Use your phone or tablet directly on the lid of eoSim, or plug in to a larger screen (as shown above). Download SurgTrac now for a free trial.

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Patient-Specific Simulation with 3D LifePrints

eoSurgical have partnered with 3D LifePrints to share surgical simulation expertise and deliver world-leading training and pre-operative planning tools to the global surgical community.

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Half of surgeons are below average

Half of surgeons are below average

  It is unnerving as a surgeon to recognise that half the surgical workforce is, statistically speaking, below average. No surgeon would like to t...
eoSurgical - 10 years of improving surgical skills!

eoSurgical - 10 years of improving surgical skills!

  eoSurgical has now been in operation for ten years. Time has flown by since our first webcam-in-a-shoebox iteration. This first product was offe...
Front page news – the evidence base grows

Front page news – the evidence base grows

  eoSurgical is driven by innovation underpinned by evidence. We have a track record in publishing and presenting evidence highlighting the effica...