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Case Studies


Case study 1 - Surgical registrar

You are a surgical registrar / resident who is aiming to improve your laparoscopic skills, accelerate your training, and optimise opportunities in the OR.

eoSim is a take-home, portable simulator that comes complete with a syllabus of modules from basic to advanced. Your skills progression is objectively measured by instrument tracking (SurgTrac) as you perform tasks. You can use it with your laptop, tablet, or your smartphone and can illustrate your progression to your trainers.

You will come to the operating theatre with improved technical skills, allowing cognitive space to acquire other important skills.

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Surgical registrars using the eoSim 


Case study 2 - Simulation centres

You are charged with delivery of surgical simulation training to a group of surgical trainees.

We offer a complete institutional package for MIS simulation. Portable simulators come equipped with instrument tracking, a full curriculum of tasks, a team dashboard, and a dedicated assessor section where trainee progress can be monitored, and feedback delivered. Simulators are portable enough to be taken home by trainees, allowing practise out with office hours.

As an example, this model is incorporated into the UK Improving Surgical Training program in Scotland.

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Surgical training with eoSim


Case study 3 - Medical student

You are a medical student or surgical trainee wishing to improve basic surgical skills and/or microsurgical techniques. 

eoMicro provides an environment in which you can practise suturing and basic surgical skills. Moreover, with your smartphone, it provides the capacity to re-capitulate a micro-surgical operating field. A magnified view and micro-instruments allow you to improve skills that will enhance performance when using the surgical microscope.

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Surgical trainee using the eoSim