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Our Mission

Evidence-based: eoSurgical provides evidence-based, accessible surgical skills simulation training to make surgery safer globally.

By Surgeons, For Surgeons: eoSurgical was conceived and developed by a team of three surgical registrars, who now work as consultants in tertiary surgical centres in the UK.

CPD and training: You're never too good to get better. Simulation is well established in training, and now developing a growing role in continuous professional development.

eoSurgical’s laparoscopic simulators deliver a complete training solution:

  • Hardware: eoSim portable simulator
  • Software: SurgTrac app:
    • Curriculum: targeted training modules
    • Feedback: automated performance metrics, delivered by real-time instrument tracking
    • Portfolio: cloud-based repository of user data, enabling trainees to demonstrate skills progression and trainers to monitor progress

     Our simulators are now used in over 90 countries around the world.

    We are embedded in several NHS, European and Australasian training deaneries and are part of the Royal College of Surgeons Improving Surgical Training programme in the UK.

    The simulators themselves are optimised for the ergonomics of laparoscopic surgery and are entirely portable; allowing training in dedicated simulation environments but also at home or in the operating department.

    Our software is optimised for use on mobile/tablet (iOS and Android) and laptop/desktop systems.

    Our curriculum offers ascending modules that take a new-start resident/registrar right through to complex consultant-level skills.

    Our simulation solution is priced such that providing every trainee with a simulator and a personalized training program is finally within reach.


    For more information or to see our simulators in action, contact sales@eosurgical.com


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