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Refer a friend!

We know that many of our customers are very happy with their eoSims, and would be happy to refer them to their friends looking for a laparoscopic simulator. So we’ve created a new referral discount, which benefits both you and your friends. With each referral you can earn cash-back on your purchase, and your friends will get a 10% discount on their purchase of an eoSim. Everyone is happy!

If you’re a new customer, you will receive a unique referral code at the time of your purchase. You can give this code out to your friends so they can claim their 10% discount, and you can claim your cash-back. 

But don’t worry if you’ve already purchased an eoSim and have a friend or two looking to buy an eoSim. If you purchased in the last month you will soon receive an email from us with your unique referral code. And if you purchased an eoSim more than a month ago, then you won’t be left out either - just get in touch with us and we’ll send you your code.

Help your friends join the eoSurgical community by referring them today!

Team eoSurgical.