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eoSurgical becomes yet more mobile

eoSim with iPad
eoSim provides an accessible, affordable, and portable package to improve minimally invasive surgical skills. Our flagship product has been in evolution ever since we first started with a webcam and a shoebox – over ten years ago.
We incorporated instrument tracking early on, to generate objective performance metrics that guide learning during completion of a bespoke curriculum of tasks. We honed the hardware, making it more ergonomic whilst retaining affordability - and have now developed specialty-specific modules.

We began by routinely incorporating a webcam as part of the eoSim hardware, allowing connection to a desktop for visualisation. Then we enabled the option to use with a smartphone or tablet and its own in-built camera.

Now, informed by ever-better cameras and optics that come with the latest generation of smartphones, we have moved to the option of a purely mobile version. Using a smartphone or tablet with an eoSim provides the option of using its own screen directly – or of broadcasting the image to a separate monitor or device. We’ve included details about how this can be done below, and online.  

Our software and curriculum is well-established on iOS and Android. Simply download the app to your phone, get hold of an eoSim, and start practising. It’s as simple as that. 

An ever-growing evidence base and current use in over 80 countries is testament to the impact that this model of simulation training can have.

4 ways to use your eoSim with a mobile device: 

1) Place smartphone on the lid of eoSim with the camera pointing through the circular opening above the bar. Open SurgTrac app and use the phone screen to visualise the task. Perfect for when you have a quick 5 minutes to practise or warm-up pre-op. While screen is small, you always have your phone with you so there’s zero set-up time. And if you can do it on the small screen, then when you get to theatre you’ll find it easy.
2) Place a tablet on the eoSim lid with the camera pointing through the central opening. The cameras and screens on modern tablets provide great optics, far superior to separate webcams plugged into a laptop / desktop. This is now the most popular way to use eoSim & SurgTrac for both individuals and institutions. 
3) As above, but plug your phone or tablet into a larger screen (or even a projector if you want to go BIG). You’ll need a lightening (Apple) or USB (android) to HDMI adapter and cable, which we can supply if needed. Plugging into a sceen which is away from the eoSim makes for a more theatre-realistic set-up. Great for longer rehearsal sessions both at home and work. 
4) Wirelessly screen-cast: place your device on the eoSim lid as above, and screen-mirror / screen cast wirelessly to an Apple TV or Chromecast receiver. One for the show-offs... 
(*Many institutions have opted for tablets and screens as a more affordable option than needing a laptop / desktop for each simulator, and the user interface on tablet is our best yet)

Just released:
Orthopaedic and Urology specialty curated courses in SurgTrac.

Coming soon: 
Single Incision MIS courses and a new eoSim model designed for less economically developed regions.
Mark Hughes
Consultant neurosurgeon and honorary clinical lecturer, Edinburgh
Director, eoSurgical
Twitter: @eosurgical