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Front page news – the evidence base grows


eoSurgical is driven by innovation underpinned by evidence. We have a track record in publishing and presenting evidence highlighting the efficacy of our simulators. More objective yet, many independent studies using our hardware and software continue to illustrate efficacy in a number of different domains and surgical subspecialties.

We have recently explored a new angle as regards box simulator use: the impact of non-technical stressors (visual and auditory) on simulated laparoscopic task performance among surgeons and Students.

Surgical training emphasizes technical competence and eoSim is designed to improve relevant skills in a risk-free, controlled environment. However, non-technical skills are also significant in determining performance. Surgeons need to be aware how their performance is affected by pressure or distraction, for example.

Our recent study assessed the impact of novel auditory and visual stressors on performance during a simulated laparoscopic task. We have now developed NOTSS modules that can overlay these stressors within SurgTrac during training.

-        A visual distraction overlay (progressive red saturation of the surgical field, timing personalized to the user's index performance)

-        An auditory distraction overlay (typical operating theatre environmental noise).

We found that the impact of visual and auditory distraction on surgical performance can be modelled in our laparoscopic simulation environment and the effect of distraction varies according to expertise. eoSim may therefore become an effective setting within which to learn to mitigate stress-induced diminution in performance; an important skill to take to the real operating theatre. Read more here.

Mark Hughes

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Edinburgh

Director, eoSurgical


Email: mark.hughes@eosurgical.com

Twitter: @eosurgical



Hughes MA, Swan L, Taylor CL, Ilin R, Partridge R, Brennan PM. The Impact of Novel Nontechnical Stressors (Visual and Auditory) on Simulated Laparoscopic Task Performance Among Surgeons and Students. J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. 2022 Feb;32(2):189-196.