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How it started & how it’s going. Ten years of eoSurgical

eoSurgical has been in existence for ten years. Founded by surgical trainees, the company has evolved in parallel with its founders, all now consultant surgeons in the UK. Our original aim persists: to deliver accessible, effective, affordable, take-home surgical simulators. We recognise this need because we feel it ourselves.


How it started

 eoSim 10 years ago


How it’s going

 SurgTrac mobile app


Over the past ten years, there have been changes to training and changes to the way surgery is carried out. The end game remains the same: recruit, train, and maintain high quality surgeons who deliver high quality care for their patients. This is a multifaceted challenge and we fully recognise that surgical simulation is one cog in a large machine. It is a crucial cog, however, and one who’s importance has been highlighted further by the covid pandemic.


We started with a simple box simulator and a webcam. Next we incorporated instrument tracking to generate objective performance metrics to guide learning. We honed the hardware, making it more ergonomic, retaining affordability and, crucially, incorporating a mobile solution. Trainees can now practise anywhere, anytime, and upload their data - via smartphone - to assess learning and compare with peers. We have built online curriculae for trainees at different stages and in different specialties, and are embedded in several training programs in the UK and worldwide. Crucially, an ever-growing evidence base shows that our platform works in over 60 countries in which it is used.


What next?

Augmented reality (AR) has a role both during surgery and also in surgical training. We are building AR functionality into modules - but in a way that reflects real challenges during surgery, not merely as a gimmick. We are working to embed a strand of learning that relates to non-technical skills; improving skills such as situation awareness, decision-making, and working under pressure. eoSurgical was and remains a work-in-progress, reflecting changes to training and harnessing emerging technologies. If you would like to learn more, or help us to get even better, get in touch.


Mark Hughes

Consultant neurosurgeon and honorary clinical lecturer, Edinburgh

Director, eoSurgical


Email: mark.hughes@eosurgical.com

Twitter: @eosurgical