eoSurgical are now part of the Limbs & Things family

SurgTrac is now fully mobile – on iOS and Android

For surgeons, especially those in training, feedback on performance is crucial. The right kind of feedback at the right moment accelerates learning and makes us safer. When we designed eoSim, we wanted to make a risk-free training arena that would translate into the real operating theatre. 

What we realised very early was that even in this abstract environment feedback is fantastically powerful; and so 
SurgTrac was born. SurgTracsoftware tracks the movement of surgeons’ instruments as they perform tasks. It measures key metrics such as distance travelled by instruments, their smoothness, and how hand-dominant a surgeon is. By assessing this information, we are able to provide natural language feedback to help the surgeon get better, faster. Metrics like these have only ever been available before in very expensive, bulking simulators. 
What is even more exciting is that as we collect 
more data, our feedback is becoming ever more targeted and bespoke. We can objectively chart a surgeon’s learning. What’s more, all of these metrics allow peer-to-peer comparison so you can see how you measure up. Who is TopScalpel?!
SurgTrac works in parallel with our own laparoscopic skills curriculum and also the FLS - and is now entirely mobile (available on iOS and Android-equipped smartphones). All a trainee needs now is their smartphone and an eosim. The phone’s screen is your monitor, the smartphone camera tracks your instruments, and all of your data is synced to the cloud.

Practise at home, practise in hospital on night shifts, warm up before the first case, learn a new skill, and all the while see how you improve and how you measure up against your peers worldwide.