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Welcome Raz to the eoTeam

eoSurgical is excited to announce the newest addition to the eoTeam, Razvan Ilin (Raz). Raz is our new in-house software developer who will help take SurgTrac to the next level. In addition to joining eoSurgical, Raz also studies software engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. Thanks to the £100,000 funding award from Scottish EDGE and our supportive customers, eoSurgical has been able to further invest in the development of SurgTrac by bringing Raz on board. This will enable us to focus more time and attention to improving the SurgTrac experience for our customers with new features and additional functionality. We look forward to working with Raz, who will help us further our mission to make surgery safer around the world.

SurgTrac is our innovative surgical training platform at the combines instrument tracking and real-time natural language objective feedback for surgical trainees of all levels. We welcome feedback from all our customers, so if you have any suggestions for how we can improve SurgTrac, then please get in touch with us.