eoSim SurgTrac Elite

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Learn and refine advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques with the top of the range eoSim take-home simulator and the SurgTrac Elite, Advanced and Core skills courses.
Includes everything you need to take your skills to the highest level:
  • 18 training modules: single user licence for the SurgTrac instrument tracking software and the 6-module SurgTrac Elite Curriculum (in addition to the 6 Core & 6 Advanced modules).
  • Complete the 18 SurgTrac modules and receive real-time objective performance assessment with natural language feedback.
  • Follow your skills progression via your personal online profile.
  • See the fastest times for each module via the Top Scalpel leaderboard.
  • 6 laparoscopic instruments: a pair of needle holders, ratcheted grasper, non-ratcheted grasper, scissors, & knot pusher (to make reusable endoloops).
  • 3 practice models and all required disposables, including a box of sutures: Peg-board (with thread), three-clip board (with suture pad) & four-clip board.
  • High Definition 1080p USB plug-and-play webcam built in.
  • LED light strip built in to provide optimal illumination.
  • No assembly required.
Technical requirements:
  • Operating system: Mac OS 10.10 & Windows 7 onwards.
  • Optimal hardware spec: Intel Core i5 processor & 4GB RAM

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