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eoSim SurgTrac Mentor

Give your trainees the edge: give them the opportunity to practice their laparoscopic skills wherever, whenever with the eoSim SurgTrac Mentor.
Enable your trainees to learn a wide range of laparoscopic skills with the eoSim SurgTrac Mentor simulator, with access to the complete Core, Advanced and Elite Curricula.
Includes everything your trainees need to take their skills from basic to the highest level:
  • SurgTrac training platform: access to our new SurgTrac software and the SurgTrac Core, Advanced & Elite Curricula containing 18 modules of increasing difficulty.
  • Complete the SurgTrac curricula via distance learning, and receive immediate objective feedback on your skills progression.
  • Get remote assessment & feedback from the institution's faculty.
  • Follow your skills progression via your online profile - now accessible from any device.
  • See the fastest times for each module via the Top Scalpel leaderboard.
  • 6 x laparoscopic instruments:
    • Ratcheted grasper, non-ratcheted grasper, scissors, knot pusher & a pair of needle holders.
  • 3 x practice models:
    • Peg-board (with thread), three-clip board, two-clip board & suture pad.
  • Disposables for practice models:
    • 1 x roll of nylon thread, 2 x gloves, 4 x precision cutting templates, 4 x dice, 5 x paper clips, 6 x elastic bands, 8 x red & blue instrument stickers, 10 x foam tubes, 10 x white balloons, 10 x green balloons, 12 x 3/0 braided sutures.
  • High Definition 1080p USB plug-and-play scope built in.
  • LED light strip built in to provide optimal illumination.
  • Compatible with Mac OS 10.7 onwards and Windows 7 onwards.
  • Single user licence


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