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How can SurgTrac help your institution?

We believe that with SurgTrac our simulators offer a unique and innovative surgical skills package for your trainees.
But what does it offer you, as their trainers?
As with any simulator, we are aware of your concerns about how to incentivise your trainees to use their simulators, and how you can track their use of the simulators.
However, we have designed features in SurgTrac that provide solutions to both of these problems:


Incentivising trainees:

With SurgTrac we have developed our TopScalpel leaderboard to tap into the trainees' competitive nature. A trainee's best time for a module can be posted to TopScalpel, visible to all SurgTrac users, encouraging the trainees to aim for and beat the best times set by their peers.
Thus competition is actively encouraged both within an institutional group, and between institutions across the globe.
In addition, through the candidate dashboard, a trainee will be able to see their ranking (by time) for each module within their group.
And coming soon - the trainees will be able to post their best attempts for each module to their Twitter & Facebook feeds.


  Tracking simulator use:

Metric data is generated with every attempt of a SurgTrac module, and the data automatically synced to the user's online profile. If SurgTrac is used whilst offline, when reconnected the data created offline is synced to their profile.
Via the assessor dashboard (shown below) you can review the activity of each trainee on their eoSim, and be notified if there is work to be assessed.
Each assessor can see who has been using their eoSim, which modules they have attempted, and how many times.


Please contact us with your training requirements so we can provide you with a solution tailored to your exact needs: sales@eosurgical.com