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SurgTrac for OBGYN

SurgTrac is not just for general surgeons. If you're training to be an OBGYN specialist then SurgTrac has six modules relevant to you too.
These six SurgTrac modules have been designed with the OBGYN trainee in mind. Undertaken in the order below they form a step-wise structured OBGYN lap skills training course. They take the user along a training journey, starting by refining core laparoscopic skills and finishing with some advanced OBGYN-specific tasks. 
  1. Peg Thread - core skills: fine instrument control, depth perception, economy of movement 
  2. Precision Cutting - core skills: careful tissue handling and precise cutting
  3. Tube ligation - OBGYN skills: fallopian tube ligation
  4. Cyst Dissection - OBGYN skills: ovarian cyst dissection
  5. Suture & Tie - advanced skills: learn sound suturing technique
  6. Horizontal Suture - advanced OBGYN skills: replicating closure of the vaginal vault in a total abdominal hysterectomy