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SurgTrac for Urology

SurgTrac is not just for general surgeons. If you're training to be an urology specialist then SurgTrac has six modules relevant to you too.
Undertaken in the order suggested below, these 6 SurgTrac modules provide a structured training course in Urological minimally invasive surgery. Starting with some core skills modules to refine basic technique, it progresses to more advanced and Urology-specific skills training. 
  1. Peg Thread - core skills: fine instrument control, depth perception, economy of movement
  2. Precision cutting  - core skills: careful tissue handling and precise cutting
  3. Peg paper thread - core skills: fine tissue and instrument control
  4. Precision Suturing - advanced skills: precise placement of the needle through tissue
  5. Suture & Tie - advanced skills: develop sound suturing technique
  6. Anastomosis (Continuous) - advanced Urology skills: end to end anastomosis such as in a pyeloplasty